pattern Recognition and activity that creates critical insights throughout the patient journey.

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The Columbus

3,000,000 unique patients, 20,000 unique patient encounters

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Reported Outcomes

Proprietary tablet and web software that allows patient engagement at the point of care, and between visits

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The Columbus Platform

REAL WORLD EVIDENCE REQUIRES PROSPECTIVE REAL-WORLD DATA. The Columbus repository delivers in a compelling way to satisfy the information needs of patients, physicians/providers & innovators, while discovering irrefutable insights for payors that compel them to “do the right thing”.

The Columbus platform captures all financial and clinical elements (structured and unstructured), diagnoses, problem lists, current and past medications, lab results, biometric data, health care claims, past and future scheduled visit information, and patient-generated data, including patient reported outcomes (PROs) comprised of 22 Clinical Pathways.

We provide Direct access to data via visualizations which provides exponentially more value that access to a database.  Our information is real time, real world, and available via customized dashboards purpose build for each initiative.  

Reported Outcomes

Columbus PRO is state of the art tablet and web based software that is completely integrated into the clinical documentation system. It is straightforward, easy to use, and unlimited in its ability to capture and deliver data at the point of care.

Our "intelligent delivery system" can determine which information is needed from the patient based on their disease or any other digital attribute in their patient record, and can also delivered tailored educational content based on where the patient is on their journey.

Decision Support

The Columbus platform helps physicians and innovators recognize patterns and activity that creates critical insights into how the patient is progressing on their journey.

These insights allow those responsible for the patients care to make better decisions, course correct, and ultimately provide better outcomes for the patient.